20th Anniversary of the Joliet Buccaneers Adult Football Team

Joliet– The 20th year of the Joliet Buccaneers football program is a milestone worth celebrating.  Commemorating their 20th year of existence, marking two decades of unforgettable moments, unwavering passion, and a legacy that continues to inspire generations.  Throughout the years, the Buccaneers have had their fair share of victories, defeats, and memorable moments. From thrilling game-winning touchdowns to the camaraderie built among teammates, this program has left an indelible mark on the Joliet community. The 20th year is a time to reflect on the team’s growth, successes, and the impact it has had on the lives of so many players and fans alike. It’s amazing to see how far the Buccaneers have come since their inception, and I’m sure they have even more exciting seasons ahead.

 I can’t believe it’s been twenty years said Sandra Geib-Ingram CEO / General Manager. It is a great feeling to have come this far and have encountered great people over the years. The Ingram’s set to build a local football team that embodied the entire Joliet Community and its fans. The main goal is to build something that we are proud of, and the community feels the same, says Geib-Ingram. I think that we’ve achieved great support, were not all the way there yet, but It’s getting close says Ingram. 

Founded in 2004, the Buccaneers embarked on a journey that would redefine the landscape of adult amateur football in Joliet and beyond. Michael Ingram, former player and now the Head Coach reached out to a long-time voice of the community and former Sports Editor for Herald News Dick Goss. “ That was a great conversation, I was just happy that he remembered me from my earlier playing days, and I was able to ask him about bringing the Buccaneers name back to the community, said Ingram. His thoughts were, it wouldn’t hurt and everybody that knew about the team (Buccaneers) would support it. Mr. Goss also reminded me that this is Blue Collar town, and that the community would get behind anything that is from the community and about the community, said Ingram.

So, the Ingram’s did what they could to get the team off the ground and running, with minimal help. Michael and I went everywhere to sell the team, said Geib-Ingram. There was no place that was forbidden. Michael would talk to any and anyone that looked like they played football at any point in their lives, says Geib-Ingram.  Michael would recruit on the airways of WJOL 1390 with the help of former long-time radio personality Steve Brandy in Brando’s Garage. “Mr. Brandy was such a big supporter of our team and what we were doing in the early days, I couldn’t thank him enough for his support over the years”, said Ingram.  We have had the support of the following throughout the years and can still say they are still our strong supporters:  Ateki Corporation, Hooters of Joliet, Kozol Brothers, Dr. Joel Bolton; Bolton Family Wellness, Dr. David Burt; Midwest Sports Institute, First Choice Auto Repair; Crest Hill, and D’Arcy Auto Group.

The Buccaneers found traction by gathering a good number of players from the local area, as well as coaches willing to volunteer. Their first season was nothing to marvel about, but the team was able to win a few games along the way and posted a spot in the playoffs in their inaugural season in the Tri-States Football League (2004). Over the years the Buccaneers had become 2007 MSFL Eastern Conference Champions losing in the MSFL Championship Game. The Buccaneers made numerous play-off bids over the years, but nothing more than that until; In 2022, I the Mid-Central Michigan Fall-Ball League as Western Conference Champions, and this past season (2023) going 10-8. The community is starting to back this team and its players says Geib-Ingram. With the recent supporters: Illinois State Representative Natalie Mandley, Illinois State Representative Larry Walsh Jr. and Illinois State Senator Meg Loughran Cappel and Newly Elected Mayor of Joliet Terry D’Arcy

Now in 2024, with Michael Ingram as the team’s head coach he attributes the success of the team over the last few years, because of crop of new players and their willingness to buy into his new philosophy that, “This team is their team, and success doesn’t happen over-night, it’s earned with sacrifice, hard-work, blood, sweat and tears”.  

Over the next few months, the Buccaneers are working with local entities to have some great entertainment out at their games pre-game and half-time entertainment says Geib-Ingram. That has always been our mantra having the voice of the community at our games, be it the youth local football teams, local High School Marching Band, or even local Entertainment Acts like Colleen Wild If you’re interested in learning more about the Joliet Buccaneers Adult Amateur Football Organization and or how to be a part. Contact them at or call 815.302.8700 check them out on Facebook or X (Formerly known as Twitter)