Joliet Buccaneers 17th Season on the Horizon

Joliet- As the NFL season has wound down, and now the XFL season has made its appearance. The Joliet Buccaneers are at full tilt as they start their OTA’s (Organized Team Activities) this past month and are in full swing. Second Year Head Coach Michael W. Ingram Jr. is excited about the young football team, that he plans on leading. “We have a good group of young men”, said Head Coach/Team President Michael Ingram. I’m pleased with the guys that we have returning from last year, as we kept most of our core players, and we have a lot to work with going into this OTA camp says Ingram. The Buccaneers Defense was a big reason why they made the playoffs last year due to players like #3 SS Walter Grady, #4 DB Shaq Williams, # 51 DL Jalen Simpson. There was a reason why these guys made the 2019 All-Star Team they were the soul of the defense, said Assistant Head Coach/ Defensive Coordinator Garland Robinson. Making the playoffs last year was a huge step for the Buccaneers Organization as they were 2 years removed from playoff play. The Buccaneers Offense started to show life towards the end of the season, that was because long time veteran #1 WR Darvell Luckett shined with his second All-Star Selection; as well #58 OL Chris Zeleny made his 2nd year selection and first year All-Star selection #90 OL Jarvell Caples. Our core players are returning with a few new additions this season says Ingram. We hope to bring in new life to our football family these local players like former Romeoville High School Quarterback Kelvin Jones Jr. and Manuel Nartey, Anthony Kopel and Bolingbrook High School Defensive Lineman Malik McMahon High school players and ex college players are encouraged to come out and be a part of the team. Majority of the players on the team were former local high school players and college players in the own right. “I was a local talent from the mid 90’s,” said Robinson. I went to Bolingbrook High School, and some years later after high school I just missed the game, and back in 2005 I came out to what was called the Bolingbrook Buccaneers/Joliet Buccaneers and played. Robinson would admit that he played, because he had fun and it gave him something to do. For more information about how to be a part of the Joliet Buccaneers or learn more please visit them on the web at or Facebook, twitter and or Instagram

Joliet Buccaneers 13th Season in Will County

Joliet- The most famous line in movie history was said by the late great Judy Garland, in her iconic role as Dorothy in the movie The Wizard of Oz. “There’s no place like home” she said as Dorothy, and it sure is what the Joliet Buccaneers Adult Amateur Football Organization is saying, as they make their way back to Joliet for the first time in nine years. The last time the Buccaneers played in Joliet was in 2007 when the team won the MSFL Eastern Conference Championship at Joliet Memorial Stadium. The Buccaneers beat the Northern Illinois Cowboys 33 to 14 and made their first trip to the MSFL Championship Game, “That was an exciting time said CEO/General Manager Sandra Geib-Ingram. We had been playing great football all year and it was the players that got us to that game said Geib-Ingram. Since that last game at Joliet Memorial Stadium the Buccaneers have had 3 other playoff appearances 2 of which from the MSFL and one with Midwest Football League.
Since 2008 the Buccaneers had been playing their Home games a various cities around the Joliet area (Romeoville, Downers Grove, Lisle and as recently Naperville) Now the Buccaneers have officially announced that they will be playing at Plainfield South High School Cougar Stadium, which is on the west side of Joliet. Just recently two of the local high schools (Plainfield Central and Plainfield South) had their varsity fields renovated by adding field turf and a newly state of the art scoreboard. “We are more than excited, it’s an honor and a privilege to call PSHS HOME”, said Team President and Coach Michael W. Ingram Jr. Majority of our players played at all the local area high schools (Plainfield, Romeoville, Minooka, Bolingbrook, Lockport, Oswego and Joliet)  and this opportunity made sense for our organization and its players, said Ingram.  The Buccaneers will be able to host 2 Home games this year July 15 and August 5; with hopes of more games the next season (2018) and the next season (2019).
We also want to get back to our roots of being Saturday night n summer attraction for our local community and getting back to supporting local area entertainment when we were playing at Joliet Memorial Stadium said Geib-Ingram. We would have local pre-game and half-time entertainment like Plainfield East Marching Band, Joliet West Marching Band, Gym quest, Rev Dance Studio, Local Boy Scouts Troop 0258 and 0098 and local youth football teams (Bolingbrook Trojans, Romeoville Spartans, Joliet Raiders. It’s important for our organization to be in the City of Champions, because that’s what we’re trying to build here a Championship football team and contender said Head Coach Andre Ward.   For more information about how to be a part of the Joliet Buccaneers or learn more please visit them on the web at or Facebook, twitter and or Instagram



Organized Team Activities start January 2021 all players interested in being a part of the team for the 2019 season. Need to contact us at 815 302 8700 or visit us on the Internet at and fill out a player’s application, and FaceBook Joliet Buccaneers Recruitment Page




March 2021-OCTOBER 2021